About Us


Noreen Spagnol is a proud mother of two incredible, talented daughters, named Hannah and Tayleigh. She is also an elementary French teacher and has been teaching for 13 years now. She has a degree in French and has studied Spanish, Italian, German and Latin at different points in her life. Studying languages is a passion for her. She is excited to work with her loving daughters and to get the chance to share details about diversity in the dating process through her writing. 


Hannah and Tayleigh are loving sisters, looking to share their view of the wonderful world they live in full of diversity. We are all different in our own ways and because of this, we all have something special to offer in order to fill this world with a rainbow of different types of strengths and love, making life an incredible journey. They hope you enjoy this book by allowing your mind to explore and experience the many different facets of families and lifestyles that our world has to offer.  

Inspirational Thought

Life is a journey… 

Explore, inspire and enjoy it to the fullest! 

What does it look like at your house?

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